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Monday, December 29, 2014

Please Help Keep Us Going in 2015!

For over two years, our two-woman Feminist Job Board team has been working hard to bring you new feminist job openings on a daily basis. We don't make a profit or receive any kind of payment....we put in the time and energy because we are devoted to the cause. We work day jobs and spend our evenings and off hours working for Feminist Job Board. But like so many feminists and activists, working a double day is burning us out. We are struggling to keep providing this service, and we need your help

What we ask is that if you use the site, and you are happy with our service, you show your appreciation for the work we do by tipping us a few dollars. We added a new donate button to make this possible, and we really hope you will use it! We tip our bartenders and our baristas for their service... and put together, your tips would allow us to keep this service running. 

Thanks so much in advance for your love, and we hope to continue bringing you the best feminist jobs on offer in 2015!


The Feminist Job Board Team 

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