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Friday, January 2, 2015

Executive Director, The Ada Initiative, San Francisco, CA

Executive Director

Posted on: December 29, 2014
Posted by: The Ada Initiative

The Ada Initiative is looking for an Executive Director (ED). The Ada Initiative works to increase the participation and status of women in open technology and culture through an explicitly intersectional feminist approach. We are a growing and financially healthy nonprofit with 3 staff members. The three most important responsibilities of the ED will be leading the organization, fundraising, and managing people. The current ED, Valerie Aurora, is excited to immediately transition to a clearly defined role as the Director of Training Programs, reporting to the new ED.
This is a fulfilling, exciting, and challenging job. Successful candidates will need to be not only organized, financially savvy, and responsible, but also flexible, creative, inspirational, supportive, and comfortable with uncertainty. The ability to handle conflict well is particularly important, as conflict is an inevitable part of successful activism. In addition, our new ED will need to lead the organization by example in self-care and burn-out prevention.
This is a salaried position with benefits (including health insurance and a sustainable vacation policy), preferably working at least 2 days a week at our office in San Francisco, CA, USA. Taking into account what EDs of similar organizations are paid, the competitive market for the skills required for this job, and the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, this position will pay from $120,000 to $160,000/year depending on experience. We believe that paying people market rates for their work, regardless of their gender or race, is a feminist act.

For a full job description, including requirements, responsibilities, and benefits, please visit
To apply, please contact with a short introduction and your résumé (any format, linked or attached). A representative from the ED search committee, composed of members of our Board of Directors and Advisory Board, will reply within 2 weeks.

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