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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WoMin Coordinator - Research, Documentation And Project Leadership, WoMin, South Africa

WoMin Coordinator - Research, Documentation And Project Leadership

The WoMin Coordinator will assist WoMin and its allies document experiences and construct knowledge which supports social struggles and the pursuit of alternatives to destructive extractivism.
Deadline:          January 21, 2015
Location:          Johannesburg, South Africa
Organization:    WoMin
Purpose of Role 
To assist WoMin and its allies document experiences and construct knowledge which supports social struggles and the pursuit of alternatives to destructive extractivism. The incumbent will also be expected to lead specific thematic cross-country WoMin projects.
Key Responsibility Areas:
Key Responsibility Area
Accountable to
Coordinate the WoMin Participatory Action Research (PAR) project, which involves the following elements to be taken forward in 2015: support to and finalisation of existing projects, coordinate a writing workshop in March 2015, manage the finalisation of case studies with inputs from identified mentors by end-June 2015, strategise how best to launch and publicise case studies, work with allied organisations to publicise and use the case studies in support of advocacy efforts, campaigns, and investigations.
WoMin regional coordinator
WoMin allies implementing PAR and writing case studies
Writing mentors
Allied organisations we are collaborating with to publicise and use PAR case studies
Lead a 2015/2016 effort to document women’s resistance using participatory methods which will support WoMin’s wider commitment to feminist organising and movement building
WoMin regional coordinator
Organisations working with grassroots women’s structures and movements to document and support the deepening of resistance
Work with allies in countries to prepare case studies/ inputs in support of people’s tribunal processes, advocacy to regional and global institutions, and campaigns targeting corporates
WoMin regional coordinator
WoMin allies developing case studies/inputs
Regional and international allies WoMin is cooperating with
Give leadership to at least one of WoMin’s thematic cross-country projects: Free Prior and Informed Consent for Women’s Voice and Interest; Mega-Infrastructure Investments and their Gendered Impacts; Alternative Pathways to the Formalisation and Transformation of Artisanal Mining; and Militarisation, State Repression, Extractivism and Gendered Effects
WoMin regional coordinator
WoMin allies participating in cross-country projects
Provide input to WoMin’s strategy, annual and project plans, and support the alliance read and respond to opportunities at the regional and international level as appropriate
WoMin regional coordinator
WoMin regional leadership
Represent WoMin to national, regional and global platforms as mandated by WoMin’s coordinator and regional leadership
WoMin regional coordinator
WoMin’s regional leadership
Undertake organisational tasks as negotiated with the WoMin coordinator
WoMin regional coordinator
Skills and Qualifications:
  • A feminist activist with a strong commitment to and a proven practice of supporting feminist organising and movement building
  • Five to ten years’ experience of research (and ideally participatory research), documentation and writing on development subjects, including from a feminist perspective
  • Strong grounding in gender concepts, an ability to undertake deep gender analysis and work alongside others to cultivate the same ability
  • Proven track record of designing and managing complex projects, ensuring the full involvement of allies, and meeting the requirements of funding partners
  • An ability to work across diverse contexts, navigate complex relations at different levels, mobilise commitment and build broad alliance
  • Must have worked in the development/civil society/movements context and must have knowledge in at least one content area of relevance to WoMin’s work.
  • Experience working sub-regionally/regionally
  • A French or Portuguese speaker
 We are very committed to recruiting someone with origins in East, West or Central Africa, and would prioritise this as a criterion in our recruitment process.
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