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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chief Executive Officer, Young Women's Leadership Charter School, Chicago, IL

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Posted on: June 10, 2014
Application deadline: June 20, 2014
Posted by: Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago


General Summary 


Professional level: Executive
Education required: Master's degree
Employment type: Full-time

Young Women's Leadership Charter School (YWLCS) seeks a dynamic, focused and accomplished educator-leader to assume the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) beginning August 1, 2014.

Fourteen years ago, a group of women in Chicago were inspired by a vision: that in a perfect world, every young woman would be empowered to transform her life through education. The YWLCS, Chicago's only public school for girls, is the result of that vision. Every day the faculty, staff and supporters of YWLCS dedicate their passion, energy and resources to help nearly 350 urban girls embark on a journey to places many never could have imagined. The YWLCS inspires urban girls to engage in rigorous college preparatory learning in a small school focused on math, science and technology that nurtures their self-confidence and challenges them to achieve. It is the vision of the YWLCS Board of Directors that all young women have the skills, tools and opportunities to develop as ethical leaders shaping their lives and the world.



Leadership is an integral part of YWLCS's mission. It is core to our identity and our educational approach. The successful CEO candidate must have a belief in, dedication to, and passion for our goal of nurturing students into thoughtful, reflective and ethical leaders. In addition, the CEO must be able to provide decisive, energetic leadership for the school, and foster an environment of excellence in education. The CEO must maintain positive and open lines of communication with community leaders, the district, other schools, local business leaders, as well as local and state legislators. S/he also must bring vision and determination to the potential for expansion beyond one school building, be an open collaborator with other administrators and faculty, be willing to further knowledge of best practices on a continuous basis, and foster a culture of educational and personal growth.

The successful YWLCS CEO candidate will:
  • be an inspiring leader and communicator
  • be skilled at fostering a climate of excellence, innovation, cooperation and growth
  • be prepared to lead and implement a growth/expansion process
  • have relevant teaching and/or administrative experience that can be leveraged to help build, strengthen and sustain a high quality academic program
  • have a sharp business acumen and a track record of fundraising success
  • have an accomplished background in management, budgeting, strategic planning, and school leadership
  • be enthusiastically aligned with YWLCS's philosophy, mission and values as well as the concept of charter schools 
  • Be passionately committed to young women and demonstrate an ability to focus on attaining rigorous academic goals for all students, and be accountable and committed to achieving academic goals based on comparative and longitudinal measures
  • be prepared to partner with the Board to develop a vision for YWLCS's future growth and expansion, including the launch of new campuses
  • be responsible and thoughtful, with excellent interpersonal and public relations skills, and the ability to communicate effectively in writing and orally
  • possess strong organizational and operational skills, be committed to fiscal transparency and continued financial stability
  • have experience working with a Board as a flexible and creative problem-solver


How to Apply


To apply for the position of Chief Executive Officer please submit a cover letter, along with the
following documents:

1. A letter of interest indicating unique qualifications and reasons for interest in the position;
2. A brief description of relevant major accomplishments;
3. A current curriculum vitae or resume;
4. A minimum of three references.

Application materials will be treated confidentially.
Please address applications and supporting materials to:
Lisa T. Scruggs
Duane Morris LLP
190 South LaSalle Street, Suite 3700
Chicago, Illinois 60603-3433

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