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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Executive Director - Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan, India

Executive Director - Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan

Job posted by: TSP
Posted on: October 15, 2015

Job description

Job Title: Executive Director
Location: Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat
Reporting to: Board Members
Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan is a women's organisation based in Kutch region of Gujarat that was established in 1989. Today the movement has morphed into a collective of rural and urban registered grassroots women's collectives and subject specialised cells loosely held together by a secretariat. The issues that the organisation focuses on are legal support, livelihood support through craft, rain-fed farming and animal husbandry; collective of Kutch musicians to support their identity and livelihoods; drinking water and housing services, women in governance and a small health program.
In all there are 6 units and 4 sanghathans under the umbrella of KMVS.
The collective strength of the four Sangathans is more than 16,000 women comprising of Sushasini, a women elected representatives collective working on ensuring an independent voice of women in governance; Sakhi Sangini, a collective of urban slum women of Bhuj city working on improving their housing and infrastructure and livelihoods; Saiyare Jo Sangathan and Ujjas are Taluka based Sangathans working on a range of gender programs. In addition KMVS has promoted Qasab a producer company collective of craft artisans from across the district and two other producer companies working on animal husbandry and one cooperative that runs a women's Bank. The recent Goonj initiative which started with an anti-alcohol movement brought 7000 women together on a common issue.
In the last 10 years or so, Kutch district and KMVS has seen many changes related to the changing environment both in Kutch and in India. There are issues related to increasing environmental degradation, industrialization and its adverse impact on livelihoods of the poor, democracy, secularism, violence against women, to name a few, which affect all women, irrespective of their membership affiliation. Along with this there have been leadership changes in KMVS with the founder secretary stepping down leaving space for the second generation leaders to take up the mantle. In the
past one-year KMVS has entered in to a facilitated organizational re-orientation process that included a strategic planning and implementation process along with a leadership coaching programme.
KMVS is now looking for a senior professional who has at least 10 years experience working with the women's movement and who can provide a leadership role in human resource management, administrative, financial and legal responsibility for KMVS and its affiliates. The person should also be able to bring the sanghathan members together under a common vision and help them network with other similar movements within India and outside.
  • Lead KMVS's re-positioning process as an eminent field based women's development organisation.
  • Manage the programmatic, administrative and financial management of the organisation.
  • Provide support to KMVS and her member organizations in their development process.
The incumbent would be assisted by a core team and KMVS Board Members.
Under the overall direction of the Board of KMVS, the incumbent is expected to take on the following tasks:
Create a vision
  • Initiate a vision building exercise with the leadership of the units/Sangathans in order to first understand what the requirements are;
  • Identify themes which could be taken up as movements cutting across Sanghathans;
Lead and manage
  • Manage the day-to-day functioning of the organization;
  • Correspond with government, donors, others on behalf of KMVS;
  • Be responsible for recruiting staff;
  • Prepare an annual training and capacity-building programme for staff and sanghathan members;
  • Be responsible for staff and Sanghathan training programmes;
  • Prepare a calendar for one year at a time with the leadership;
  • Facilitate discussions;
  • Bring in outside expertise wherever necessary;
  • Work closely with senior leaders and provide quarterly feed-back and take on board any suggestions made by them;
Engage the community
  • Visit all the Sanghthans and understand their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Understand the linkages that can be made between Sanghathans;
  • Coordinate the work of Sanghathans and ensure that there is synergy in the work that is being done at the grassroots level.
  • Identify grassroots level organizations where unit leaders and Sanghathan leaders could visit and share their experiences;
Manage financial and fund raising affairs
  • Raise resources with the assistance of a Fund raising committee (to be set up by the Board);
  • Be responsible for overall budgetting and financial management
  • Ensure that funds are available for programmes and all staff members have an equal opportunity to avail of these facilities;
  • Prepare a budget in consultation with the inter-disciplinary team which should be presented to the Board so that adequate funds are made available for this vision-building exercise.
Support the Governing board
  • Ensure compliance according to donor requirement;
  • Ensure compliance according to government regulations both related to FCRA and other issues;
  • Prepare papers and documentation for Board meetings (at least 3-4 Board meetings need to be held every year in which one Board meeting should be with members of all the Boards of KMVS affiliates);
  • Report to the Board on all major financial and legal issues at every Board meeting;
  • Provide a report on the issues dealt with by the Finance and Fund Raising Committee to the Board;
  • Report to the Board every quarter on progress made, challenges and seek advise;
  • Develop an inter-disciplinary team made up of members of different registered organizations/producer groups who would then take the work forward;
  • Prepare a timetable in collaboration with the inter-disciplinary team and present to the Board so that the Board can request heads of the registered organizations to make time available for these people for the larger vision-building and collective activity.
  • At least 10 years experience in working with grassroots women on rights issues.
  • The person should be well networked with groups outside of Gujarat so that links can be established. The person should be a team worker and an organiser and well recognised in the world of development and rights.
  • Experience at a leadership level in social development organizations.
  • Well versed with governance of development organizations.
  • Post graduate in social sciences.
Personal Comptencies
  • Mature and well-articulated leader.
  • She must be inquisitive, clear, creative, must be comfortable with and open to change.
  • Must be willing to listen and communicate effectively with others.
  • Must be both professionally and personally motivated.
Interested candidates can send in their CVs along with three references and a cover note with the subject line indicating "Executive Director" or contact us at Tel: +91 22 43493333. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

How to apply

Interested candidates can send in their CVs along with three references and a cover note with the subject line indicating "Executive Director" or contact us at Tel: +91 22 43493333. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Bhuj, State of Gujarāt, India


Start date
October 15, 2015
Application deadline
October 25, 2015
Education requirements
Languages needed
Employment type
Full time
Professional level
None specified
Job function
Owner's areas of focus

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