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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Executive Director, Together for Girls, Washington DC, USA

Executive Director

Location: Washington DC, USA
Organization: Together for Girls
Together for Girls (TfG) is a global partnership that brings together the world’s preeminent public health agencies, governments and the private sector in a shared commitment to end violence against children with a particular focus on sexual violence and girls. Launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009, with a secretariat established in 2011, Together for Girls is now active in 17 countries, using a unique data-driven approach across three pillars of action to support governments and communities in efforts to eliminate this global scourge and its associated impact.
Together for Girls partners, working closely with national governments, are contributing across three pillars of action:
1) National surveys to document the magnitude, nature and impact of physical, emotional and sexual violence against children;
2) Evidence-based, coordinated policy and program actions in countries to address issues identified through the surveys; and
3) Global advocacy and public awareness efforts
In the short life-span of the Together for Girls partnership, the achievements have been considerable and TfG is clearly established as a leader in the space. Eight countries across three continents have completed a Violence Against Children Survey (VACS) and are using the data to guide comprehensive national and community level action to address the problem. VACS are fully funded and in various stages of implementation in another seven countries. Together for Girls and its partners now have data representing an estimated 11 percent of the world’s population under the age 25.
While the data itself is making a significant contribution to global learning and advocacy efforts related to violence, the strengthened capacity of country governments and civil society to understand the epidemic of violence and to build awareness, as well as sustainable structural systems to address the problem, could be the greatest contribution of the partnership.
In addition, TfG is making strong headway in the area of global advocacy and communications and increasingly gaining broad brand recognition, with efforts ranging from the digital magazine Safe, media outreach and events, infographics and other collateral, and a strong social media presence.
Staffed with a small secretariat, hosted by UNAIDS in Washington, D.C., activities across the three pillars are largely implemented by partner organizations with the coordination, communications, fund-raising and some technical leadership activities, led by the Secretariat. The Secretariat reports to and receives direction from the Leadership Council which consists of high-level public and private sector representatives. In addition as this issue has become one of increasing ministerial-level interest, the TfG director also interacts at the most senior levels with national governments and development partners. TfG Inc, the 501C3 arm of the partnership became fully operational in 2014 and a private sector Board of Directors and associated operations are in the process of being established. Since its inception TfG has leveraged an estimated $70 million. Currently, with an annual secretariat operating budget of approximately $800,000, TfG leverages an estimated $15 million per year.
The Director reports to the Chairman of the Board of TfG, Inc. and the Leadership Council and is responsible for all aspects of oversight of the partnership including:
• Guiding the strategic direction of the partnership and establishing and implementing priority actions that fully reflect the decisions of the Leadership Council
• Developing and supporting implementation of TfG annual work plans building on priorities in communications and monitoring and evaluation subcommittees and the strategic direction as expressed by the Leadership Council.
• Establishing and maintaining communications systems and relationships with partners to ensure strong communications channels across and between partners. This includes formal mechanisms such as the Leadership Council, the Board of Directors of TfG, Inc. and information to stakeholders and the field, as well as informal relationships with partners and stakeholders.
• Providing direction and oversight to all products, including materials, meetings, technical assistance delivered by the Together for Girls secretariat ensuring the highest possible standards of quality and information.
• Overseeing all management aspects of the partnership for both the secretariat and TfG, Inc, including finances and reporting.
• Managing human resource aspects of the partnership including recruitment and supervision of secretariat staff as well collaborating closely with key implementing partners on their staffing and funding to ensure achievement of TfG objectives.
• Developing and maintaining reporting systems for Together for Girls that monitor and track funding and performance/results.
• Leading fundraising and efforts to attract new partners and donors while nurturing existing partners to advance country level programs and global advocacy efforts across the private and public sectors.
• Representing the partnership externally with stakeholders and media.
• Through leadership of TfG advance the state of the art in violence prevention and response.
• A minimum of 15 years of experience with a strong track record in managing complex programs in the development space. At least five years should be in a senior leadership position.
• Knowledge and experience with the UN and/or international development agencies and/or the private sector at the global, regional and/or country level.
• Proven experience in managing complex private public partnerships
• Strong management background that includes oversight of budgets, reporting, human resources, NGO management and contracting.
• Proven success in fundraising and donor relations.
• Evidence of a wide network across bilateral, multilateral, private sector and implementing partners working in violence prevention, child protection, public health, education, social services, and or social justice
• Knowledge of development issues and multi-sectoral approaches to meet the needs of developing countries.
• Excellent knowledge and experience in developing technical and policy consensus on complex strategic and technical issues.
• Strong technical background in public health, social services, education, or other related sector.
• Evidence of strong interpersonal communications skills and the ability to problem solve.
• Demonstrated ability to get things done.
• Advanced university degree in social sciences, public health, medicine, management or related fields
• Fluent written and spoken English • Knowledge of another UN official language desirable
As this position will be based in the U.S., citizenship or green card holders only may apply.
Salary will be competitive with peer organizations based on candidates’ experience and within the available envelope of funding.
How to apply:
Please send a CV and cover letter to Michele Moloney-Kitts at  
- See more at:

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