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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Gender Mainstreaming Consultant with the African Natural Resources Centre

Deadline: 16 October 2015

Location: Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

Organization: The African Natural Resources Center


The African Natural Resources Center (ANRC) was established with the long term goal to improve development outcomes from the management of renewable (fisheries, forestry, land and water) and non-renewable (oil, gas and minerals) resources in Africa through effective public and private sector governance and institutional frameworks.

The desired outcomes of the implementation of ANRC interventions are to contribute to inclusive growth through good governance, poverty reduction, mitigation of potentially adverse physical and social environmental impacts, protection of renewable resources, sound revenue management, integration of projects into domestic economies and equitable resources access.

The scope of Centre’s work is underpinned by the following pillars (core functions):

• Advisory services and technical assistance to RMCs

• Capacity building of Natural Resource Management (NRM) institutions

• Knowledge generation on NRM

• Advocacy of sustainable development of African Natural Resources.


The African Development Bank has launched its Gender Strategy (2014-2018) Investing in Gender Equality for Africa’s Transformation, whose objective is to operationalise the Bank’s commitment to gender equality as espoused in the Bank’s Ten-Year Strategy 2013-2022. The gender strategy guides the Bank to effectively integrate gender equality into its operations and promote gender equality in Africa.

In implementing its work programme, ANRC aims at mainstreaming gender in all stages of its interventions. This should integrate the three pillars of the gender strategy, namely: i) Legal status and property rights; ii) Economic empowerment; iii) Knowledge management and capacity building.

Gender mainstreaming in the Center’s interventions is expected to contribute to inclusive growth and social progress by broadening opportunities for women and men to participate equally in, and benefit from, the wealth generated by natural resources.


The purpose this assignment is to develop practical approaches for gender mainstreaming in the sectors covered by ANRC. This is done by:
  • Advise ANRC team on how to address gender gaps and promote evidence-based decision making in interventions and knowledge tools and products
  • Sharing of best practice, trends, knowledge and lessons learned in ANRC and with clients and partners
  • develop core sector indicators to allow results tracking and outcome delivery for each of the sub-sectors covered by the Center (fisheries, forestry, land, water, oil, gas and minerals); 
  • organise training for task managers to sensitise them on gender issues in their respective sectors and on the use of the toolkits


The consultants will undertake research on good practices in mainstreaming gender in natural resources management. She/He will utilize mainly secondary data to inform approaches, indicators and toolkits. This will include knowledge and good practices in natural resources management of existing documents and reports from the Bank, other MDBs, as well as other institutions working on these sectors.

The consultant will also conduct discussions and possibly interviews with sector specialists in the Bank to gain a better understanding of the nature of interventions and knowledge products to be delivered.

She/He shall liaise with the Bank’s gender specialist and the office of the Special Envoy on Gender for guidance on Bank’s overall approaches to gender mainstreaming.

Expected Outcomes

The expected outcomes of the consultant’s work are:
ANRC experts enhanced understanding of mainstreaming of gender in interventions.
ANRC experts strengthened capacity to apply gender mainstreaming concepts in all stages of interventions cycle.


The Consultant will work independently, under the supervision of ANRC Director

Duration Of The Assignment: The consultant will work on a full time basis for a period of 6 months

Minimum Requirements

Consultants Profile

The consultants should have a strong background in conducting quality research and gender analysis and producing quality reports.


  • Advanced degree in international development, gender, social studies, socioeconomics, economic analysis or related field.
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in the area of gender and development.
  • Substantial consultancy experience with a record of delivering high-quality documents and reports within strict timeframes.
  • Sound analytical capabilities
  • Knowledge on gender mainstreaming in one or more of the natural resources sectors
  • Excellent communication skills and analytical capacity.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills in English 
How to apply:

Please apply to

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