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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist, CUSO International, Jamaica

Gender And Social Inclusion Specialist

Based in Jamaica but working collaboratively with the other five (5) Caribbean Region ‘start-up volunteers’ based in both Jamaica and Guyana, this placement will support the development of the new 2015-2020 Caribbean Regional Program focusing on Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) in the Caribbean.
Deadline: May 19, 2015
Location: Jamaica
Organization: CUSO International 

Start date

June 2015

Funding Eligibility requirements

Open to Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Language requirements

English reading=5, writing=5, oral=5

About Cuso International

Cuso International is an international development organization that works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of skilled volunteers. Each year, we place volunteers from North and South America in developing countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America.
Volunteers collaborate with local partners on health, education, environment, social justice and livelihoods projects, sharing knowledge and experience to create sustainable change.

About english

Cuso Jamaica is part of the Caribbean Region of Cuso International. The region has a new strategy (2015-2020) focusing oninclusive sustainable economic growth and gender equality and social inclusion.
The expected outcomes of the Caribbean strategy are:
1. Improved employment status of poor and marginalized people, particularly women and youth.
2. Micro-, small- and medium-size private enterprises – with high potential to generate incomes for poor and marginalized women and men – are more viable, more responsive to market opportunities and more socially / environmentally responsible.
3. Communities, governments and private businesses use natural resources more inclusively, equitably and sustainably and are less vulnerable to extreme weather.
4. Improved food security for poor and marginalized people, particularly women, children and youth, with increased food production and improved climate resilience in agriculture, livestock, horticulture and fisheries production.
Increased stakeholder recognition of the capacities and rights of women and marginalized groups to participate in and benefit from natural resources management and income-generating activities.
5. Increased security from violence, both inside and outside the home, for poor and marginalized women and girls.
6. Increased capacity of women and men from excluded groups to shape decisions that affect their day-to-day lives.
7. Poor and marginalized men and boys achieve more positive masculine identities that reject discrimination against women and excluded groups.

The volunteer's role

Based in Jamaica but working collaboratively with the other five (5) Caribbean Region ‘start-up volunteers’ based in both Jamaica and Guyana, this placement will support the development of the new 2015-2020 Caribbean Regional Program focusing on Gender and Social Inclusion (GESI) in the Caribbean.
The scope of work for the Gender and Social Inclusion Specialist would involve:
1. Identifying regional partner organizations for GESI or building relationships where they already exist;
2. Identifying regional program strategies/interventions specific to GESI;
3. Collection of baseline data to support GESI outcomes at the regional level, contribute to developing the overall Cuso-Caribbean monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework;
4. Contribute to the development of a 5-year implementation plan for the Caribbean program;
5. Provide guidance to the other five (5) Caribbean Region 'start-up volunteers' on inclusion of gender and social issues in the Inclusive Sustainable Economic Growth (ISEG) program development and to the overall monitoring and evaluation for the Caribbean Region.
More specifically, the volunteer will:
-Review previous gender research done by Cuso International in the Caribbean Region, conduct desk and field research into interventions across the region and provide analysis/recommendations on most suitable initiatives for Cuso support.
-Review existing Cuso GESI partner lists and identify partner organizations suitable for Cuso to achieve outcomes under GESI and conduct partnership development sessions with specific GESI partners together with Cuso Caribbean country program office representatives to sign partnership agreements.
-Carry out baseline data collection for GESI, and work with the monitoring & evaluation volunteer (one of the five other Caribbean 'start-up volunteers') to support the development of the Caribbean Logic Model (LM) and Performance Measurement Framework (PMF).
-Make recommendations for the development of a Caribbean strategic plan.
-Support Caribbean country program offices (Jamaica and Guyana) and the five (5) other 'start-up volunteers' in the inclusion of gender and social issues in partnerships and programs being developed and provide technical advice on monitoring & evaluation for gender and social inclusion.

Essential Academic Qualifications:

-Degree in Development Studies, Gender, Social Sciences, Business or related field.

Essential Professional Background/Competencies:

-Minimum 3 years’ experience in research and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, organizational development, project planning and management, monitoring and evaluation;
-Experience in the thematic area of gender and social inclusion;
-Experience leading or working in a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural teams;
-Experience using participatory approaches;
-Excellent report writing and analytical skills;
-Experience in writing strategy papers/guidelines;
-Experience in conducting analysis of development projects.

Desirable Academic Qualifications:

-Masters Degree in Social development, Gender, Business or related field.

Desirable Professional Background/Competencies:

- Experience in the thematic area of economic growth (employment, entrepreneurship, natural resource management, food security and climate change, value chains, small business development, vocational training, etc.)
- Experience designing and implementin monitoring and evaluation systems;
- Experience working with yout and women;
-Experience working with Government, NGOs and youth organizations;
-Experience working in international development.

Important information for candidates

• Training and Financial Support: Our training and support package covers the costs of being an overseas volunteer, allowing you to enjoy a modest but healthy lifestyle while you volunteer abroad.
This includes:
- Attendance at a Cuso International assessment day (candidates must cover the first $200 of the most cost-effective travel expenses and accommodation costs)
- Travel and accommodation costs associated with pre-departure training
Return airfare and visa/permit (this includes a return flight in the case of a family emergency)
- Coverage for required vaccinations, medications and comprehensive health insurance
- Accommodation while overseas
- A modest living allowance, which varies depending on the country where you are placed
- Quarterly payments to support you in your placement
- For placements requiring Spanish language, substantive in-country language training is provided for those who already have intermediate knowledge.
• Fundraising: We ask each volunteer, regardless of placement length, to raise a minimum of $2,000. All volunteers receive support in their fundraising efforts by a member of the resource development team to help achieve this fundraising goal over the duration of the volunteer journey.
• E-volunteering: Depending on the nature of the placement, the volunteer might be required to provide e-volunteering support to the local partner or Cuso International before or after the field placement.
Article License: Copyright - Article License Holder: CUSO International


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