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Monday, April 27, 2015

Research Co-ordinator with Irise International, Ishaka Town in Bushenyi District at Kampala International University (KIU)

 Research Co-ordinator with Irise International 

This is an exciting opportunity for a young professional with a background in international development or related research to gain some experience in the field and manage their own small team.

Background: Irise International is currently conducting a research study in Bushenyi District in Western Uganda investigating the impact of a Menstrual Hygiene Programme on girls’ knowledge of menstruation, self-esteem and school absenteeism.

Role Description: We are looking for an individual to join our team as a researcher. They will be based in Ishaka Town in Bushenyi District at Kampala International University (KIU). The individual will be responsible for managing our small research team and offering teaching and support to local students. They will work under the supervision of the country directors who will hold weekly skype meetings with the research team and visit in person every 6-8 weeks.

Specific Responsibilities: - Training and managing local and international research assistants - Organising the recruitment of additional international or local research assistants if required - Ensuring questionnaire data collection and data entry are organised - Liaising with or organising ongoing liaison with schools enrolled in the study - Conducting focus groups from a sample of schools in the study and analysing the data - Ensuring school register data is collected and compiled and that school registers are audited - Offering teaching, training and mentorship to KIU students including running a weekly journal club meeting and reading and feeding back on research proposals.

Person Specification: Communication Able to communicate clearly to a wide range of audiences Experience using and working with translators Fluent English speaker Organisation Able to time manage effectively in order to fulfil general and specific responsibilities Able to manage a small team ICT Proficient at using emails, google drive and skype Able to produce and view documents in Microsoft Word, Power point and Excel Able to use SPSS Specific Skills or Experience of relevance Previous experience of research (essential) Good understanding of quantitative and qualitative research (desired) Previous work or travel in East Africa (desirable) Previous experience training, teaching or mentoring students (desirable) Able to take the initiative and work independently (essential) Able to work with individuals from a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds (essential) Ethos and Values Believes that men and women are equal and deserve equal opportunities. Committed to supporting the education and empowerment of Ugandan girls (particularly those of low socioeconomic status) Treats all people with respect and courtesy regardless of race, religion, age, disability or sexual orientation Supports a democratic style of leadership where all voices are listened to and each individual’s input is considered Committed to developing sustainable projects that enable and empower the local community Committed to ensuring that Irise International is accountable to the people it works with Believes all women and girls have a right to accurate information about their own bodies and the right to menstruate with dignity.

Additional Opportunities (not an essential part of the role): - To write up the focus groups as a separate report and submit for publication with support from the Irise research team. - To be involved in writing up the final report and papers based on the study after the fieldwork is complete - To organise additional extracurricular activities for KIU students based on individual experiences and ideas Conditions: Free accommodation in Ishaka (with running water, electricity, basic cooking facilities and a fridge) £180/month Volunteer’s Allowance All other personal expenses covered by volunteer. Project related expenses all covered by Irise International The opportunity runs for 5-6 months with a holiday in August. The earliest start date is 14 th June. How to apply: Send your CV and a cover letter explaining why you would like the role to Deadline for applications is 14/05/15 Please make ‘Research Co-ordinator Application’ the subject of your email

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