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Monday, August 25, 2014

INSPIRE WIA Program Coordinator, John Muir Charter School, Los Angeles, CA

INSPIRE WIA Program Coordinator

Posted on: August 5, 2014
Posted by: John Muir Charter School

The Program Coordinator is employed by John Muir Charter School (JMCS) and is responsible for program oversight, classroom instruction and oversight of the entire vocational and educational program of youth participating in the INSPIRE WIA Program. The mission of INSPIRE is to create equitable and reciprocal relationships between local universities and community-based organizations for the purpose of carrying out community-centered participatory action research, meaningful service-learning projects, and research-based educational programming and training The JMCS/INSPIRE Program Coordinator will guide the INSPIRE/JMCS staff team to implement each of these components.
The Program Coordinator will be responsible for assisting students in the INSPIRE WIA program to complete their WIA modules, INSPIRE specific program components, secondary education, and to provide necessary support services to enable participants to be successful. The Program Coordinator will assist with enrolling and assessing students to determine the proper course of study that will lead to a high school diploma and prepare students and participants for a successful transition to post-secondary education, vocational training or the workforce. The Program Coordinator's primary role will be to oversee the instruction of students in core academic subjects, preparation for CAHSEE testing, and completing modules specific to INSPIRE WIA's mission in youth development. The Program Coordinator must embody the values of social justice in education for the school, by ensuring that curriculum and instruction promote critical thinking. The Program Coordinator should have a foundation in Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory, Freirean Education Models, Gender theories, and Critical Pedagogy. The Program Coordinator reports directly to the INSPIRE Executive Director and the JMCS WIA Director.
  • Provide overall supervision at the school site, including consistent implementation of attendance and discipline policies (established working closely with the INSPIRE Executive Director and JMCS WIA Director).
  • Oversight of JMCS instructional programs at INSPPIRE WIA, including planning, teaching, assessment and reflection on the success or challenges of JMCS instructional programs.
  • Oversight of INSPIRE WIA specific instructional programs, including critical pedagogy, intersectionality, feminism, critical race theory, social and educational justice, community building, and service-learning.
  • Maintain individual confidential student educational files including work samples, lesson plans, educational progress, attendance sheets and educational service plans.
  • Establish parameters for off-site field trip supervision and responsibilities, and delegate as appropriate.
  • Identify students with special needs and former special education plans, obtain past IEPs and work with the district office to provide special education services, or develop a 504 Plan for identified students. The Program Coordinator will maintain student confidential files as needed.
  • Establish, monitor and evaluate all standardized testing for students including, CAHSEE, TABE, GED, CELDT, etc. Collect testing data and analyze for changes in JMCS instructional practices, insure student performance data is properly recorded and reported to JMCS and INSPIRE admin.
  • Establish, monitor and evaluate students' use of online educational tools including, Skills Tutor, Kahn Academy, Rosetta Stone, etc. Record and report appropriate data to JMCS admin.
  • Review, recommend and purchase necessary and appropriate materials and equipment with the INSPIRE Executive Director's authorization.
  • Oversight of attendance tracking in PowerSchool, including P1, P2 and coursework attendance reporting.
  • Supervision of four or more additional full-time staff, including interviewing candidates, hiring, reviewing, disciplining or terminating employees when necessary, maintaining staff files and insuring staff meet the requirements of the JMCS and INSPIRE employee handbooks.
  • Lead INSPIRE and JMCS staff in setting goals for staff performance and student performance; coordinate professional development as needed to meet those goals.
  • Provide staff professional development and trainings, coordinate cross staff trainings to emphasize the individual strengths of staff members as part of a greater youth development team.
  • Assist in leading the creative vision for INSPIRE specific curriculum development.
  • Create or draw on core content practices to be used across JMCS and INSPIRE school sites.
  • Assist JMCS and INSPIRE staff teachers in establishing a vision for their site specific program content
  • Oversee the creation and maintenance of an INSPIRE Research Handbook (collaborative with teachers, and ED), including planning long term research mission of research, core research practices, scaffolds, graphic organizers, handouts, charts, etc…
  • Oversee INSPIRE/JMCS sites, including building relationships with site hosts and helping JMCS and INSPIRE staff to resolve site problems or issues.
  • Develop and implement program evaluation tools for each INSPIRE/JMCS site, incorporate program evaluation into direct instruction and programing, prepare monthly programmatic reports for the INSPIRE Executive Director and JMCS WIA Director.
  • Maintain petty cash for both sites.
  • Review and approve budgets for any expenses over $50.
  • Review all check vouchers before submitting to the INSPIRE Executive Director for final approval.
  • Manage all Office Depot purchases and purchases from other vendors
  • Assist with development/expansion as needed for INSPIRE/JMCS sites, including major purchases, grants, etc.
  • Oversight of the development and maintenance of JMCS Student Achievement Plans for all students.
  • Develop and maintain instruction plans to provide well-rounded individualized and group instruction as appropriate for both academic and INPSIRE specific curricula.
  • Participate in and oversee instruction of students across the entire JMCS curriculum of high school subjects.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the classroom management standards, consistent with the JMCS and INSPIRE student handbook.
  • Enroll students into appropriate courses in PowerSchool and track coursework attendance weekly.
  • Act as on-site liaison between Muir and INSPIRE staff.
  • Work and coordinate with other staff to incorporate practical academic learning experiences related to life skills, leadership, vocational training and other appropriate subjects.
  • Oversee the preparation of teacher daily, weekly and monthly lesson plans.
  • Identify and use appropriate tools to assess, document and report student periodic and final progress.
  • Utilize a variety of appropriate instructional methods to address different learning styles.
  • Assess student need for and provide special tutoring as necessary.
  • Assist in identification of outside resources related to education.
  • Identify and provide opportunities in the classroom for students to demonstrate leadership skills.
  • Lead weekly meetings with JMCS and INSPIRE staff to discuss student progress and programmatic issues.
  • Inform INSPIRE staff as appropriate of student issues that affect student progress.
  • Maintain student grades and grade book. Provide updates to JMCS and INSPIRE staff regularly.
  • Monitor and maintain staff and student compliance with INSPIRE and JMCS program requirements.
  • Monitor and maintain records of student progress in the attainment of the GED and High School Diploma.
  • Monitor student need and completion of the JMCS Computer Demonstration
  • Enter final semester grades for all students.
  • Monitor and assist with student completion of their Senior Portfolio
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
The Program Coordinator will insure the completion of all necessary paperwork as required by JMCS and INSPIRE administrations, as well as any paperwork requested by the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools (NCSOS). (The NCSOS approved and oversees the John Muir Charter School and provides JMCS with administrative support.)
  • Demonstrated ability to engage disenfranchised young people from "at risk" conditions in meaningful, interesting and creative learning experiences
  • Experience as a department head, lead teacher, or other leadership experience involving oversight of three or more individuals
  • Demonstrated knowledge in developing class and individual learning plans for students.
  • Dedication to the basic philosophy of INSPIRE, the principles of social and educational justice, community building, and service-learning
  • Be able to integrate leadership development in the classroom and empower youth through knowledge, literacy and numeracy
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Bachelor's degree in Education or any related field

  • California Multiple Subjects Credential or Single Subject Credential required, multiple authorizations in core academic subjects preferred. People of color, women and individuals with Tier 1 or Tier II administrative credentials are strongly encouraged to apply or complete a credential within the first year of employment.

$55,102 - $62,343 (to be determined based upon experience and qualifications). Medical, dental, and vision benefits are provided. This is a full-time, 40 hours per week position. This is a non-traditional year-round school setting with 260 work days, and will include some work hours and work days not found on traditional school calendars. JMCS staff accrue up to four weeks of paid vacation time annually.

Please email a letter of introduction, resume, 2 letters of reference, and a copy of any held credentials to: Alejandro Covarrubias, INSPIRE Executive Director

For more information, please see:

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