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Monday, March 23, 2015

Indian Feminist - Dream Opportunity in Delhi || Feminist Approach to Technology



Vacant position: Programme Manager

About FAT: Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT) is a nonprofit organization committed to empowering women through technology. We believe that women can move at par with men in making and using technology and that women can truly feel empowered only when the perceived technological divide has been bridged.

Our Mission
The mission of FAT is to empower women by enhancing women’s awareness, interest and participation in technology. We work towards this by breaking societal stereotypes and attitudes, encouraging and enabling women to feel capable and comfortable in working with technology, and collaborating with other women’s organizations to enhance their work by using technology.

Our work so far
Though FAT was started in 2008, its first formal programme was launched in 2010 in New Delhi. Over the last five years, FAT’s work has evolved with its own understanding of various intersections between women’s rights and science and technology. At present, FAT’s work can be categorized in three distinct themes: 
a) Women using technology for making their voices heard
b) Women making technology within STEM fields
c) Women’s decision making in and around technology

Over the last five years, FAT’s work under the theme one, i.e., women using technology for making their voices heard, has seen a prominent growth and success in various ways. We organize a lot of workshops for women from different backgrounds on using day-to-day technology for women’s rights, we have been successfully running programs that empowers adolescent girls and young women as leaders within their community through creative use of technology based media, and we have been collaborating with other like-minded organizations to make feminist access to technology available for women from different backgrounds. 

Vacancy Details
At present, we are looking for a Program Manager who would oversee all our work under this theme, that is, “Women using technology for making their voices heard”. The Program Manager will be assisted with a team of Program Associates, trainees and interns. The role of the Program Manager is not just to execute programmatic activities under the aforementioned theme but also to oversee all administrative requirements, raise funds for all the programs and projects falling under the theme,and also look at expanding the scope of the theme through networking, partnering and planning for long-term goals along with the Executive Director. 


The ProgrammeManager will be responsible for:
• Working closely with the Executive Director in planning, ideating and innovating projects for the organization within the ambit of the aforementioned theme.
• Managing, planning and executing all programs to be undertaken within the theme.
• Inspiring and managing a team of highly trained and efficient program associates responsible for implementation of various programs in the organization.
• Ensuring effective implementation of the various programs and projects within the theme and conducting all monitoring and evaluation as well as documentation required.
• Mobilize resources, fundraise, and manage budgets of the program.
• Representing the projects of FAT at various platforms and other stakeholders meetings.
• Managing donor relationship and ensuring report and documentation as per the donor specific formats (donor scope and timelines in consultation with the program associate). 
• Ensuring that all administrative requirements for the smooth execution the programs and projects is met and assisting the admin team in the same.

1. At FAT, we believe that educational qualification does not determine a person’s ability to execute a role. We believe that skills, passion, commitment and relevant experience matters more. Hence, this call is open for anyone who believes they have the required skills and attitude to excel in this position.
2. Minimum of 5 years of experience of working in a non – profit sector.
3. At least 2-3 years of experience in senior level program management level with relevant experience in program execution, documentation, monitoring and evaluation, budgeting and fundraising.
4. Should be an able, democratic leader capable of mentoring a team of 10-15 members
5. Since our name is Feminist Approach to Technology, it is important for us that our team members identify themselves as feminists and firmly believe in feminist ideology. Candidates who have prior experience of working in other feminist organizations will be given preference.
6. An ability to inspire, openness to learning, ability to think out of the box, excellent people skills and an ability to connect with people and enterprising spirit.
7. Excellent communication and facilitation skills in both Hindi and English.
8. Good analytical and conflict resolution skills.
9. Flexibility to travel extensively.
10. Demonstrated public relations, management skills and experience of having worked with communities. 
11. Ability to multi-task, produce to daily deadlines, manage independent projects and work in a team. 


Reports to: Founder and Secretary, FAT

Location: New Delhi
Salary: 50 INR-70 INR, depending upon experience and expertise

Candidates are requested to: 
• Send a letter of intentclearly stating what about FAT excites them most and why they want to work with FAT. Any previous experience with other feminist organizations should be mentioned clearly.
• Curriculum Vitae 
• Provide the names and contact details for three references. 

Please send your applications to: mentioning the position you are applying for in the subject line. For more information on our organization, please visit

Please Note:
Short listing for the posts will take place as the CVs come in. Unfortunately, we are able to contact only those applicants who have been short listed for the interview. If you have not heard from us within 8 weeks of the closing date, please assume that the current positions are unable to accommodate you at the moment. It is also not possible for us to provide you with specific feedback because of the volume of applications we receive.

Last date to apply: 10th April, 2015.

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